Inspired by light, nature, and a quirky sense of observation, Michele's photographs are evocative of the colorful, passionate, and alluring work of the Impressionists. Reminiscent of the paintings of Monet, Renoir, Sisley, and Turner, her photographs capture the world in vivid textures, layers, and in graphic compositions. Sometimes dramatic, often stirring, periodically whimsical, Michele's photographs have a palpable serenity that reveals the true nature of her subjects. Michele has been influenced by the changing seasons of New England where she grew up, the grandeur of the natural beauty of the west where she now lives, and the layers of the historical modern mix that is her hometown of Boston. Michele Morris s a Los Angeles based photographer.


Select Exhibitions

2009 Honorable Mention in the Women in Photography International Juried Competition

2012 Open Show LA

2013 Venice Arts Twentieth Anniversary Spectacular, Venice, CA

2014 Art by Creatives Exhibition, Culver City, CA

2014 Venice Arts 21st Anniversary Gala Gallery Show, Venice, CA

2015 Venice Arts 22nd Anniversary Gala Gallery Show, Venice, CA

2015 Open Show LA

2016 Venice Arts 23rd Anniversary Gala Gallery Show

2017 Venice Arts 24th Anniversary Gala Gallery Show

2017 100 Pieces 



Window Cat Press Summer 2015 Volume II



Duncan Miller Gallery's Your Daily Photograph